Digital age, Smart services
Customized solutions for specific conditions
Applicable to hotels, medical institutions, office buildings,
communities and other commercial projects
Solutions for smart service
scenarios in hotel
Full-service smart housekeeper to facilitate the digital and intelligent reform of hotels. Solve simple and repetitive tasks 24/7, respond quickly and safely deliver with zero contact. Already entered into 250 cities and more than 2000 hotels in China.
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Digital solutions for
buildings and parks
Barrier-free connection with door and elevator control systems of office and other buildings, able to realize point-to-point precise delivery, robots orderly cleaning provides assistance in creating a superior office environment.
Service solutions for elderly care
scenarios in hospitals
24-hour full-time service, improve the response rate of delivery services at night and during peak hours and reserve manpower to enrich personalized services.
Service solutions for commercial
and entertainment scenarios
Quickly respond to customer service needs, reduce customer complaints and improve service satisfaction.
Solutions for other public
Cleaning robots can be utilized in any public bathroom to solve labor shortages during peak hours, improve environmental cleanliness and smart urban image.