Floor cleaning robot
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Safe delivery
Automatic recharging, support 24-hour-online reception of delivery tasks and direct delivery to guest rooms
Support remote tasks
Work together with miniprogram to realize remote calling
Connection with elevator control system
Self-developed system and technology, supports connection with 99% of elevator brands
Abnormality reminder
Real-time recording, and immediate message feedback for abnormal conditions
High-precision navigation
Flexible obstacle avoidance, able to navigate narrow aisles, support up and down slopes
Safety detection
Realize safety detection for fire door closing, pinhole cameras and other safety detection, patrol according to designated routes


· Robot dimension: 480mm*912mm(H)
· Robot weight: 45 kg
· Cabin space: 20.1L (253*246*213mm)
· Body material: ABS
· Load capacity: Max 10kg
· Maximum speed: 0.7m/s
· Charging method: auto-recharging
· Battery life: more than 4 hours
· Screen: 8-inch with resolution of 1024*768