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ISSA China will be the scene of new products express,C1H cleaning robot!

1. Industry exhibition full line of products on display, lively response on site!

The "2022 International Hotel Engineering Design and Supplies Expo ISSA" was grandly launched on August 25 at Nanjing International Expo Center. Industry elites from China joined the event. Jingwu Robotics located at booth H6E20 in Hall 6, also brought a full line of products including new products to the show, with dynamic demonstrations of robots and explanations of application scenarios, and one-on-one patient answers for visitors, providing multi-functional, all-scene digital intelligence future custom solutions.

The new generation of robot is able to carry more cleaning fixtures for different cleaning spaces and materials. Another upgrade point is the self-researched 360-degree rotation of the new brush head for corners to increase cleaning efforts, with the robot sensitivity to enhance the cleaning precision. Jingwu’s A1H cleaning robot demons the strong power to clean the sink, toilet and other bathroom equipment powerful ability!

2. Convenient and lightweight, the floor cleaning robot C1H is officially launched!

However, the biggest highlight of the exhibition is the grand release of C1H, a ground cleaning robot.

The floor cleaning robot C1H is Jingwus first robot for ground cleaning, which realizes professional cleaning functions such as floor washing, sweeping, dust pushing and vacuuming with technologies such as autonomous navigation, autonomous cleaning and visual recognition. The biggest highlight of the product is that it is only 65cm in size, which facilitates cleaning tasks that used to require large equipment, and reaches the high standard of commercial cleaning equipment with high technology.

This hand-operated commercial cleaning equipment automatically identifies the floor material, activates the adaptive vacuuming mode, collects small garbage from hard floors, and stores dust with two types of roller brushes. Different from the traditional labor, the robot also shows technical advantages, with the super sticky side brush that can lift and cover the corner of the wall, unlocking the corner cleaning problem successfully. On the different materials surface of the ground, the high-pressure water cleaning between double roller brush and the hard ground meets all the daily cleaning needs!

For different materials and different stains, the four-in-one function is switched independently, and the cleaning of ground sewage, shoe prints and surface floating dust are super easy for cleaning robots. In addition, it can shuttle tables and bypass shelves easily, so it is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as hotels, supermarkets, and office buildings, reducing operation and labor costs greatly, and visualizing cleaning data.

3. Cleaning robot series, unlock the whole space cleaning scene

At the exhibition, Jingwu gave a wonderful speech to unlock the way to achieve "all-space" cleaning for our visitors in detail. 3D cleaning robot, with the top 5 core technologies on the market, suitable for the most complicated hotel bathroom scenes, allowing the robot to clean 3D space in with strict SOP to truly release the labor of cleaning staff.

And after the formal addition of the ground cleaning robot C1H, more convenient and lightweight body in the four major professional equipment functions to complement need of deep ground cleaning with a high degree of automation, efficient cleaning of unique technology, to achieve multiple scenes without manual operation that can be completed in the perfect daily cleaning.

In the future, the robot family will work together to conquer more difficult cleaning scenarios, lead the frontier of industry development, and strive to forge a new way of cleaning the whole scene with intelligent technology!