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Jingwu was listed on the Future Unicorn Top100 of China.

Jingwu is trusted by the industry through good performance in the field of AI intelligence.

On June 28, under the guidance of the China Association for Science and Technology(CAST), sponsored by the Hangzhou Municipal Government, the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association, and China Association for the Promotion of Investment (CAPI), Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Xiaoshan District People’s Government, Hangzhou Local Financial Supervision and Administration and Hangzhou Daily Newspaper Group, the 6th All Things Growth Conference and Chinas Future Unicorn Night in 2022 was held successfully.

The conference focuses on five major areas of enterprise services, AI intelligence, new consumption, advanced manufacturing, and the Metaverse, looking for new innovations in the future industry. The one-stop industrial innovation service platform "Microchain" and China Association for the Promotion of Investment (CAPI) jointly released the "Chinas Future Unicorn TOP100 List in 2022" on the spot. Jingwu Robotics was listed on the list with its outstanding performance in the field of AI intelligence, and won the "Future Unicorn Star" award. On the spot, Mr. Guo Zhen, founder and CEO of Jingwu Robotics, received the award at the conference.

Looking forward to planning future industries, China is accelerating the strategic adjustment of economic structure transformation and upgrading, advanced manufacturing, emerging services, "Four New Economies" and other industries, especially those represented by new technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models. The "Four New" economy has become an important driver of my countrys economic development.

Relying on science and technology to lead new demands, Jingwu Robotics has chosen to be on the track of AI intelligence and robots in the overall development strategy direction, and is committed to providing stimulus for changes in the labor form of the tertiary industry.

Empowering hotels to move forward on the intelligent robot track.

With nearly 20 years of industry experience accumulated by the AI intelligence team, and with the advantages of its own large-scale production base, Jingwu has been targeting the service robot industry since 2019, helping more enterprises to transform intelligently. The delivery service robot is Jingwus first attempt to help change the form of labor. In the 2020 epidemic, as peoples requirements for hygiene are increasing, the markets perception of "safety and no contact" is clearer, the increasing demand has made Jingwu more determined to take the hotel industry as the main service field, and fully empower the building of smart hotels.

In this situation, the cooperation with hotels has become closer with the growth of business, Jingwu is also formulating intelligent solutions for hotels, and at the same time, it has insight into the problem of "clean" labor with high cost and high mobility which is a pain point of the hotel, and it’s the emergence of the 3D cleaning robot.

This product pioneered the application of composite technology in cleaning robots. It mastered the characteristics of hotel cleaning scenes such as single task, high repetition, and spatial structure, and Jingwu took the lead in bringing cleaning and upgrading solutions to hotels, allowing robots to penetrate into the most difficult solutions. It also extends the cleaning breadth from the plane to the 3D space, cooperates with labor to meet the just-needed labor force effectively, and exerts the profound meaning of global 3D cleaning.

Looking forward to the future, responding to labor pain points with intelligence.

Jingwu Robot has cooperated with hotels such as InterContinental Hotels Group PLC, Marriott International, HomeInn, Jinjiang Hotel, GreenlandHotel, Shangmei Life, Trieste, Qingzhu Hotel and so on, and it’s committed to promoting industrial innovation with robots. The results are very significant in the dialysis cleaning market, there are more frequent, more complex, and larger workload labor needs in this market. Jingwu continues to go deep into the back-end service scenarios to solve operational pain points and reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises.

In the future, Jingwu Robotics will continue to focus on AI intelligence technology innovation, and labor pain points in the service industry, and improve labor efficiency for enterprises. The emergence of intelligent robots is not simply to replace the labor, but to help human beings complete their work more efficiently and provide more convenient life to create a better future.

On the "2022 China Future Unicorn TOP100 List", Jingwu got recognition from the industry again after being highly trusted in the market. Jingwu will adhering to the core concept of human-machine collaboration, continue to innovate in the field of AI intelligence and robotics.