Company Value
A company in AI Service industry, Jingwu Robotics.

Jingwu Robotics is dedicated to researching the practical application of AI in the service industry, and it is a technology company that provides customized robotics solutions for global enterprises. The aging global population and declining birth rate have exacerbated the employment cost and labor shortage for companies over the years. Since the beginning of the epidemic, peoples demand for "safe and contactless" has become the primary demand.

Jingwu Robotics provides the perfect solution to public places with great labor demand such as hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, office buildings. The company has two product series, delivery service and intelligent cleaning service. Delivery service robot ranks second in market share and it has settled in more than 3000 hotels. 3D cleaning robot, which was put into the market at the end of 2021, integrates five core technologies and it could complete the cleaning work of mirrors, basins and toilets, creating a precedent for composite technology in the commercial cleaning service field.