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Enhanced functions, easier control, smart cleaning upgrade!

The core technology helps to achieve all-round and all-scene cleaning!

Since the advent of 3D cleaning robot from Jingwu Robotics, taking the hotel bathroom scene as a trial point, it improves the cleaning strength of whole space and solves the biggest pain point of hotel cleaning. This time, this industry-first cleaning robotics has been upgraded again. In addition to increasing cleaning efforts, it also optimizes the smoothness of human-machine collaboration, and fits the request from more cleaning scenarios in the future.

When handing over the cleaning of the room to the robot, the biggest functional difficulty is the challenge of three-dimensional space, and the second is the coping ability of different cleaning objects. The Jingwu development team successfully unlocked the problem with five core technologies. When the robot enters the new bathroom space, it will realize the real-time mapping of the unknown environment, identify and perceive marble countertops, Different materials such as ceramic basins, metal bathroom accessories, etc., adjust the cleaning intensity and automatically change the cleaning tools to achieve effective cleaning and take into account the maintenance of the equipment.

Robots can better adapt to new environments with self-learning functions. In fact, robots are making "a little bit of progress" every day to achieve full-space and all-round cleaning.

360° speed-up rotating electric brush head, clean and upgrade!

With this upgrade, Jingwu has taken an important step towards deep cleaning and launched self-developed electric cleaning tools. A variety of tool brush heads can rotate 360° at a higher speed during the cleaning process. With a high-speed built-in motor that improves cleaning power, it is more effective for different material characteristics and dead spaces to make cleaning more thorough.

At present, the cleaning range of Jingwu robot has covered mirror, floor and toilet cleaning, and a fine cleaning process has been specially developed for each target. For example, in floor cleaning, the robot automatically replaces power tools during the cleaning process, and completes the Z-shaped mopping program. 

In terms of toilet cleaning, you can also press the flush button precisely to clean the interior of the toilet. In addition to comprehensively solving the intractable diseases that have plagued bathroom cleaning, with the use of different electric cleaning tools, the cleaning robot can consolidate the details and deepen the cleaning intensity of different areas.


Simplify the human-machine collaboration process, continuous cleaning without stopping!

The enhancement of functions allows the robot to exert its cleaning power more effectively in the three-dimensional space. At the same time, the development team considers the actual needs of the hotel, and the combination of cleaning personnel and machines is also a direct factor for the efficiency of the robot, so it focuses on comprehensively improving the smoothness of human-machine collaboration. sex.

Taking into account that the hotel considers that the room cleaning staff are generally relatively old, the "little white operation interface" developed by Jingwu is extremely simple. After the preset process, the cleaning staff can start the robot to enter the cleaning process with one click, and strictly implement all the procedures required by the hotel.

If you want to enter the next room to clean, there is no need to reset the cleaning staff. The upgraded robot can set continuous cleaning with one click. Just keep the door to be cleaned open, and the robot can continuously clean multiple rooms according to the map. Guest room, effectively saving the time of repeated operation of the machine.

After the upgrade of this version, the SOP of the room cleaning process and the rhythm of human-machine matching will be more lively: the robot receives an instruction to go to the guest room to stand by. Toilet - Strict order on the floor for deep cleaning, after cleaning the toilet, go back to the door of the guest room and stand by. The cleaning staff can clean other parts of the room and replace the supplies while the machine cleans the bathroom. After the machine work is completed, they can enter the bathroom to replenish supplies and perform simple finishing work.

The upgrade of the cleaning function and the facilitation of the human-machine collaboration process have greatly improved the efficiency of robot-assisted hotel cleaning work "out of the room", effectively saving each room 1/3 of the cleaning time when only manual cleaning was required. Provide more confident and more practical practice for hotel cleaning and intelligence!