JWs Strength
20 years of accumulated R&D experience | 200,000-square-meter self-owned factory | professional service team
Founded in 2019, Jingwu Robotics focuses on technological innovation and is committed to promoting innovation in traditional service industry, improving the efficiency of the enterprises while freeing labor.
Company Events
June 2019
Jingwu was established and headquartered in Shanghai.
September 2019
The "delivery service robot", JW's first product, was launched and put into mass production.
June 2020
The sales volume of delivery service robots exceeded 1,000 units, and the product is used in hotels nationwide through the strategic cooperation with a number of hotel groups .
August 2021
Jingwu AI-tech released the cleaning robot, the first of its kind in the industry.
October 2021
A round financing was completed and the global business deployment was initiated.
Our Clients